Saturday, 2 April 2016


Good concert last night! Wonderful chap from The Netherlands, Ronald Brautigam!

Beethoven is definitely his thing. A short, good looking fellow, with a mop of wild, white hair ... you couldn't help but feel you were witnessing something from history! Most noticeably in the wild, fast passages, for all the world, he WAS Beethoven!

Witnessing of another sort:

While mingling with everyone at the interval, I joined a group of people I have known since our children were at Robert Foxcroft's piano lessons 30+ years ago.  

I was not partaking of the wine, as I was driving, but I suddenly was seeing double.  Weird!  This dad standing in front of me was in duplicate!  Yes, he was an identical twin and had brought his brother (and wife) along to the concert.  

Monozygotic, they were, and the brother said that his offspring referred to their cousins, not as cousins, but half-brothers and sisters.  Now that is one to puzzle on!

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