Monday, 22 February 2016


Time to catch up on what we have been doing.... We enjoy a chat with Alastair and Indy every weekend.  We now use Googlehangout and sometimes revert to Skype for our video calls. 

Here is a screenshot of Alastair and Indy as we chatted yesterday. Indy will be 5 years old in August.

I save up my techy questions for Alastair as he is quite  happy to "talk shop" i.e. talk about Photoshop ideas or difficulties.  My next question for him is going to be "Has he used the drawing facility on his iPhone?"  This is David Hockney's drawing.  It makes me feel anything he can do I can do ... well, not better ... but at least have a go!

Iain and I drove to a small place in Perthshire to check out a hotel for a group gathering this autumn.  The weather was gloriously sunny; the countryside was stunning!

The Bridge of Cally Hotel north of Blairgowrie. It's a 3 star "small hotel".

We had some visitors a couple of weeks ago... young lads who play in a trio. They were performing locally and we were on the hospitality end of things. At the end of the evening when we returned home I announced, as I usually do, "The bar is open what would you like to drink?"  Lots of people nowadays take non-alcholic drinks, tea, coffee or whatever especially late at night.

Well I nearly flipped when the first lad replied "Actually I like whisky."  And then the second and the third chirped up with the same response!  I was astonished and absolutely delighted!  I confessed that I am a member of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society ... and that I might just have something in the cupboard.  

So nothing for it, but to dig around at the back and bring out the good stuff. And I did have some seriously good whisky that Alastair and I had obtained in Islay when we were there 2 years ago.  There was also the last of one of my SMWS cask strength bottles.

There was a fair bit consumed but, frankly, if you have been playing your heart out at a 2 hour concert I can think of nothing better than a few drams to end the evening!

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