Sunday, 31 January 2016


It's the weekend ... the weather is cold and snowy

Iain and I have finally got the manuscript away for this book (actually it includes the NE Scotland & Orkney book as well) away to the publishers.  The photographs still have to be tidied but basically we can rest on our oars now and start to get our life back!

It's a long day for little people (and big people too, who have to turn up at work every day during the week) so we volunteered to keep the 2 youngest 'Munchkins" for a few hours on Saturday.

Saturday is also the day we have our weekly chat with Alastair and Indy on Skype.  Here are Iain and Ellie in front of the computer while we gather round to talk to them.

Harriet 'helping'  Ellie upon arrival.

Ellie is a real toddler now ...

 Double Trouble ... 

Harriet loves puzzles...

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