Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Spring has arrived!  Things have been a bit quiet at Chez MacLeod mainly because we have been working hard on other things.

I like gifts ... and nothing is better than a gift of an unwanted piece of kit which is going to be thrown out when friends down-size.  I have been the proud recipient of this 

A wheel barrow!
Today, being the first day it has been warm enough to get out to do chores in the garden, I gave it a formal launch into service.  It is light, and just dandy for any jobs I need to do in my little patch.  So thank you Brian and Maggie; as they say in Glasgow, "It's Pure Dead Brilliant!"

There is only one thing I want to do it now ... paint it PINK!  At least I think I will paint the handles pink and I have decided that the colour of wee Harriet's wellies would be just fine.

Inspection time shows we have some, well almost come ....through the winter successfully.  

 All the bulbs have survived.  My squirrel-proof mesh covers worked.

Harriet, 19 months,  watching the hailstones cover the back garden.

 Alpine plant gets a pelting of hailstones between the sunny outbreaks.

The eucalyptus tree I planted carefully in a sheltered corner has, so far, not been affected by cold or frost.

We're off to the park now.....

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