Monday, 16 January 2012


Thanks to the internet sites of Facebook and blogsites we are kept in the loop of all developments in the care of Baby Iain David - Indy, for short. Having had his left eye removed November 6th because of a retinoblastoma, today was the day for his first (of regular) monitoring in the form of an examination under anaesthetic to see if there is any early appearance of the cancer in the other eye.

We are all pleased, and relieved, that there appears to be no cancer cells. Alastair has started a blog now and all the details, as they happen, are here:

I think this is a lovely picture of Dawn and Indy! He is now 5 1/2 months and is coming along just fine, i.e. developing as one would expect for a child of his age.

They live very near the BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre in Vancouver and at this moment in time are awaiting Indy coming out of the anaesthetic.

He is going to be fitted with a prosthetic eye and it is to be ready by the end of this week! We are all very impressed with the care they are receiving as well as being in awe of the latest medical technology on offer today.

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