Friday, 16 July 2010


It's been a good day today ... a long day, but a good one.

First of all, Ishie and I went to visit Iain in hospital. Visitors are coming in a steady - very welcome - stream and we dove-tailed our visit at the end of Bob & Kate's visit. Bob helped to sort Iain's computer table and Kate was able to compare stories with Iain as she is recovering from a bad accident where her jaw was broken in 2 places.

We are trying to bring food in to help Iain get better by building strong bones and muscle. Teddy Bear helped us by bring one banana for Grandpa and one for Ishie.

Ishie and I got a text message to say that Mum was going to be back later than planned so the 2 of us left the car in the hospital car park and sashayed up Byres Road to find a place for a sticky bun.

We ended up at the lovely French Patisserie where we had a most delicous - and welcome - croissant each with a cup of coffee for me and a mini-glass of water for Ishie. Quite delightful and we both felt better for the pick-me-up. She's quite the young lady now. She immitates your chat, e.g. with arms folded and leaning forward over her croissant, she asks "And what have you been doing today, Grandma?"!

Back home to Milngavie after evening hospital visiting, it is time to put my feet up. It is the start of the annual Glasgow holiday called The Glasgow Fair where factories and shops close and everyone goes on holiday. (The city empties.) I arrived back from my evening visit to find neighbours out on the street: there is a new girl on the block. The family across the street have a new baby today, a baby girl, (No. 4 of 4) and we are all delighted. (When we had to call the ambulance for Iain 2 weeks ago, everyone thought it was for this expectant mother!)

So that called for a swally: I had a dram with my (elderly ... well more elderly than us!) immediate neighbours to whet the baby's head, to drink to Iain's successful recovery and drink to It Being Friday and the start of the Glasgow Fair Fortnight.

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