Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Spring has sprung and all the greenery is out now! Glenarn and Geilston Gardens are open and I have been out with my camera.

Fern Emerging

Mecanopsis Sorrow

Unknown Stars

This unusual shrub was in the garden at Ross Priory, Loch Lomondside. I have no idea what it is and do not know how one is supposed to go about identifying it! It has something star-shaped in the middle of each leaf which is exactly the size and shape of a clove when the round ball of spice is broken off the top of it.

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Vagabonde said...

I love your flowers - you are so good with our camera,(that is if you use the Nikon D40.) I used the Nikon today to go to Zoo Atlanta and used my telephoto lens for the first time, and was very disappointed as so many pictures were blurry. I guess I do need to read the instruction book! But I am so impatient to take the photos...