Sunday, 5 April 2009


Everyone is getting ready for the sailing season and no more so than Brian and Maggie on Arctica. So before everyone departs to their respective points on the compass, they had us all over to their house for a ceilidh.

Brian got the Merlot nicely chambr├ęd and Maggie had prepared 3 (no less!) curries plus all the trimmings.

The guys, aka Bowling Harbour Ceilidh Band, played for the rest of the evening. That is Iain (left) with his electronic bagpipes, then Peter on the guitar, Brian on the harmonica and Ken on the recorder(s). Such talent - as usual they could play the whole night long ... and still manage to stick to the 'clean' versions!

They are preparing a second CD and are looking for a name. Finn suggested "Three Sheets to the Wine" ... oops ... a Freudian slip ... that should be "Three Sheets to the Wind"!

A great night! Maggie and I agreed that we are very lucky to have such talent in our midst!

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Vagabonde said...

I guess a ceilidh is a party? do you pronounce it like say lid? I must have been so much fun, and with the wine and the 3 curries - that is a lot to cook! my youngest daughter Jessica's mother-in-law makes delicious curries (Jessica's parents-in-law are from the state of Kerala in South India.) but it takes many hours to prepare. I have many CDs of Scottish music, two of my favorites are of Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham.