Friday, 14 July 2017


July is jam-making time and I simply cannot kick the habit! I couldn't go by tubs of jam berries in the supermarket (which are labelled 'Less Than Perfect' and sell for a reduced price)  without buying a couple of tubs plus a bag of sugar (1 kilo bag = 2.2 pounds).  I buy 3 containers which totals about 2.2 pounds and put everything in the stainless steel pressure cooker pot as in photo below, lower left.  Happiness if putting the cooling jam pan on the garden table and spooning the freshly made 'prize' on to some scones.

Iain recalled me doing a similar exercise on the boat about 20 years ago when I took the berries, the pot and the sugar aboard the boat so as not to miss the jam-making season!

One thing I learned today (as I have made several 2.2 pound batches now): don't add pectin.  Just leave the jam in the pot overnight and look at it in the morning.  I had to do this out of necessity... I didn't have any jars!... and the jam in the morning was absolutely fine.  Yes, a little sloppy but gelatinous enough to pass muster as far as I was concerned.  And, of course, the flavour is wonderful.  Scottish berries are very, very tasty.  None of the big, fleshy tasteless ones that get served on high prices desserts with cream that gets scooshed out of a can.

And on my way back to the car with my basket of berries I spotted the local heron, often seen in this location, through the walkway bars!  He looks like he is missing a few wing feathers.

July is also for roses.  Possibly they are at the height of the season just now ... lots of blooms and very showy.

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