Monday, 15 May 2017


I was treated to a Birthday meal out on Sunday.  Mairi, John and the 4 children all gathered at Pizza Express on the top of Byres Road, Glasgow,  I met up with them after a leisurely walk through the Botanic Gardens (which are celebrating their 200th centenary next weekend).

As someone who eats anything I often say to the person taking the order "You choose; something that is not so big that I cannot finish it."

Without hesitation he replied "Leggera pizza".  Never 'eard of it! 

Here is exactly what I had, i.e. photo taken from Pizza Express's website... 10/10!

'Leggera' mean 'light', i.e. it has a thinner base, is about 9 inches across, and is made with a hole in the middle. This is filled with a green salad and their own properly made salad dressing.  This is their goat's cheese and caramelized onion - delicious and just the right amount placed in front of me.  

Again I sing the praises of Italian cooking. They know about food; they know about eating. (Recently I have eaten at some quite smart places e.g. white linen, hotel or club and the dish served up was white food on white plate with a white sauce.  Oh dear....!

My birthday present was a meal for 2 with John or Mairi as taxi/chauffeur included. I am going to share it with Maggie.  She is up for it; it's come at a good time.

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