Wednesday, 26 April 2017


We've been to New York to visit Alastair, Dawn and Indy.

Here we are at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Alastair, Indy (5) , Barb and Iain.

 Indy, aged 5.

Alastair is living temporarily south of New York, on the east coast of New Jersey.  You look up the sandy spit (Sandy Hook) and New York city is 20 miles to the north on the horizon.

There is a catamaran ferry that carries commuters to the big city.  It is a 45 minute ferry ride across the bay to Manhattan island.  Iain is awaiting the ferry on the slipway.  New York is in the distance.

Manhatten is surrounded by water so nothing for it but to take a tourist cruise to see the harbour and the skyline of downtown Manhattan with all its iconic structures.


And there was lots to see of the New York sights on this day being Easter Sunday.  There had been an Easter Parade but it was in the morning and we missed it.

Times Square... It turned out to be much like Piccadilly Circus except much smaller and not actually a 'square', i.e. more of a triangle.  While perched on a concrete wall the local 'talent' passed us by!!

Spring in New Jersey:

Whole Foods shop in New Jersey.  Wonderful orchard blossom out.

More blossom in a big vase in the entrance of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Wonderful place!  I'd go back again and give it more time.

Inidy in the back yard

We flew by Icelandair. The cabin had novel ceiling lighting!


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