Monday, 6 February 2017


The jokes get better and better.  Louise posted an item today that I thought was really funny: someone wants to build a wall? IKEA might have a solution....

The link is here:

"The Scandinavian furniture maker has offered the USA a practical, ready-made solution with “Börder Wåll”. All they need to do is pick it up in a van from the nearest IKEA branch and put it up where they want it to go. Totalling US $9,999,999,999.99, “Börder Wåll” is significantly cheaper than a conventional wall. Estimates suggest that a conventional wall would cost between US $15 and $25 billion."    And it just gets funnier.

This reminds me of the time wee Alastair announced that wanted Santa to bring him bunk beds for Christmas.  When discussing the problem of trying to get them down the chimney he suddenly stated "Well, he bring them as a flat-pact!"

If the wall doesn't do the job there is always a Build Your Own prison cell available!

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