Sunday, 12 February 2017


We recently attended a Burns Supper at a local boat club.  We went with Brian and Maggie and were told that it was to a ceilidh so be prepared to join in with a song or an instrument.  We are always up for that.  (Often we find a 'ceilidh' turns out to be a concert on a platform where you sit in rows of seats, eg. in a village hall or whatever.)

We arrived at the early evening start time and Maggie and I got stuck into the bottle of Merlot that she had brought.  I stated at the start of the evening I was quite tired and asked that we go in separate cars in case I wanted to bail out.

A couple of glasses and I had revived.  In the meantime there was a lady going around with her raffle tickets so, having brought a bottle of wine myself ... the first I grabbed from the cupboard... I handed it it for the raffle as it was unlikely Maggie and I would open it.

Now this bottle is one I bought with my Christmas M&S voucher; it was the one I chose because I liked the colour of the bottle.

Well the evening wore on and by 10:15 pm the meal was finished and coffee was just starting to be served.  Then the ghetto blaster and its accompanying pair of speakers were cranked up just a tad more ... and I thought ... 'This is hellish!' ... I am off.  Iain, who can't hear in crowds at the best of times, was in agreement. So we gathered out stuff and made our way home.

We left our raffle tickets with Brian ... who came by the next day.  We had won a bottle of wine in the raffle ... mine!

And this is it [King Valley, Austrailia, Pinot Griogio Arneis, 2016], alongside Ken's love daffs ...back home again sitting on our sideboard!

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