Saturday, 11 February 2017


The children make us laugh.... Wee Ellie is now 2 years old and is a very good speaker.  Every day she has new words as well as sentences.

Here is Ellie last week, being steered by Ishbel (10), where she was out on a walk with John and Mairi and the rest of the gang.  Photo is John's.

When she was here today she sat (very nicely!) at the table while I had a cup of tea and she had an ice cream.  Last night we had people for dinner and there were some cherry tomatoes (right hand corner of photo) in the middle of the table.  She had one thinking it was a grape .... "eugh-gh-gh... it's [dis] 'gusting!"

I asked her  "What was Daddy doing today?"  "He's on the 'puter." !!!

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