Friday, 24 February 2017


John took the following 4 photos recently.  Their children are  now 10. 8, 3.5 and 2 years old.
Four Wee Monkeys

 Alastair and Ishbel in Glencoe after a weekend camping in a bothy with Dad.

Alastair and Harriet

Harriet is standing on the toilet in order to see into the mirror as we play 'hairdressers'.  She loves 'role playing' whether it be sweeping the floor, stirring with a big spoon whatever happens to be on the go at the time.
Anyone listening at the door would hear something like "And what are you doing today?" ... brush, brush .... "Going shopping..."  "And how are your children? ..."Fine..." Plait Number One done ... "And who is your best friend?"  Plait Number Two done.   "That's beautiful!" she says when all finished!

And here is a fairly recent photo of Indy, now 5 and a half and getting very tall for his age.  He is in the Science Museum in New York during the Christmas holidays. A recent examination under anaesthetic showed no abnormal cells.  Such good news. Apparently, after the age of 5 years the chances of the occurrence (or should that be recurrence?) of pathological cells declines.

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