Sunday, 15 January 2017


Ellie is just coming up for 2 years old now... so it is "The Terrible Twos' time.  She is very independent and full of mischief.

I reckon we have the making of an engineer here.  I was working in the kitchen. She likes to play about and usually is busy 'role playing' i.e. sweeping up, stuffing the washing machine etc.  I am in the habit of giving the kids a saucepan and wooden spoon so they can 'stir' the pan while I am working at the counter.  Not Ellie; she simply turns the saucepan over and uses it as a ladder to get to the shelf!

And again... not for her is my Tupperware bowl of 40 years ago.  She found it had a better use as a stool to get up to the kitchen sink!

She and Alastair were enjoying some hot chocolate ... with Rabbit being fed some of Ellie's mini-marshmallows.

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