Friday, 23 December 2016


A collection of the week's events or observations ...

I went to collect a forgotten sweater from Harriet's Nursery at Bearsden Ski Club.  I parked the car outside the door and when I opened the door to get out of the car my eye caught this chap on the artifical ski slope poma lift...!

The Duke of Wellington is still in the city centre complete with the traffic cone on  his head. Lots of Christmas lights are around the city; makes for a background night photo of the Duke.

Chestnuts and jingle bells in one of Mairi's Darlington wine glasses.  Alan Duff's pottery salt pot is still in use after 40 years!

That's another issue of Tidelines done. We are now going digital so most people will get it by email. Some still have to be mailed. Envelope stuffing is always easier when helped along with mince pies.

A bit of greenery from the garden helps lift a black hat at this time of year. The last of the Fitou is in decanter waiting for the Christmas leftovers.

See that empty bottle?  It is Strathmore bottled water.  Plain Scottish water.  Iain ordered it at a table we were hosting recently at the Radisson Blu Hotel in the city centre.  Cost?  £9.99 !!!!!!    Talk about Rip Off Great Britain!   We are used to having a hotel supplied bottle of wine costing 3 times as much as you would pay in the shops, but not water! 

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Another sighting over Glasgow Cathedral

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