Tuesday, 18 October 2016


We've been out on the west coast exploring the Ardnamurchan Penninsula. These maps can only give you a rough idea of where it is.

Among the many places in Scotland to look at rocks this is one of the most interesting.  The satellite photo helps to see the circular shape of a former volcano.

We spent time exploring old lead mine workings in Strontian ... from where the name Strontium derives.  [Another post]

 The approach road to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse is at the western tip of the peninsula and this is the view north towards Rum and Eigg.

Alec and Christine.  I have memories of this foghorn... indeed, I have memories of this lighthouse.  Hour after weary hour waiting for the light to appear when sailing north, or sailing south.  Once you could see the light directly abeam you knew you had rounded the most westerly point of mainland UK.

One time we had just passed the lighthouse and were making our way south to Tobermory when the fog descended.  There we were with this big horn ... at least I hoped it was the lighthouse horn and not a Cal-Mac ferry ... booming regularly.  We dug out our little red fog horn, sat in the cockpit and pressed the ball at the end to make our presence known.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of this blown-down wind tower about 50 feet from the Stevenson structure on the point!
The Fresnel light removed and placed in a display room.

Twa Dugs

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