Friday, 9 September 2016


Indy started his first day at school on Thursday. He goes to a local school in Portland, Oregon.  Aged 5 he joins the other children in the kindergarten class.

A big day for a wee boy ... who is growing taller as each  month goes by!

Sunday, 4 September 2016


Occasionally I am reminded of the fact that I grew up in a different country and culture from the one in which I presently live (and have done so for all my adult life).  

It happened yesterday when we were sitting at the table.  I had a made Shepherd's Pie for lunch at with it served corn on the cob.     What a laugh!  The children did not know how to eat it!  So a demonstration was called for.  Imagine!  I had to teach them to eat the food with their hands, instead of a knife and fork, and make a mess (for them, making a mes is "normal") with the whole business of holding a fairly hot cob in one's hands.  Then you chuck the finished item in the serving dish in the middle of the table.  Great stuff!

Here is Ellie who was the best of the bunch when it came to eating every niblet off the cob!

What a sweetie! And full marks to Waitrose supermarket for such delicious corn!  It was not straight out the field which I always reckoned was the best way to eat corn, having yanked off the husk and popped it into a pot of all ready boiling water.  This corn was package-ready; simply the sweetiest, most succulent I have ever tasted!  New strains nowadays?
* * * * * * SUNFLOWERS * * * * * * *

Cairns Church today when we had orchestra practice.

 Maggie's arrangement of a bridal bouquet.

Ross Priory at the main entrance.