Tuesday, 23 August 2016


When in need of a pick-me-up nothing does it like flowers. Here is a bouquet that Maggie made for her No. 2 son's wedding in Argyllshire last weekend.  The white heather is from my garden. 

In addition to this she made other bouquets plus posies arranged in 4 jam jars per table in the centre of the 10 tables at the reception.

This solitary sweet pea is the last of one group of sweet peas in my garden.  The peas I bought in their shells at the supermarket One of life's pleasures is sitting outside on the back step shelling peas.

And as I was needing a laugh today... here are 2 miscellaneous items that have been sitting in my 'Sandbox' awaiting the next blog to be posted.

Letter from the Tooth Fairy ... and a novel solution to an age-old problem.  However I hate to tell this mum that it never gets any better...

And finally I just love this one!  I think it came from Jane Hunter in Kelowna who sends me these from time to time. 

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