Thursday, 21 July 2016


At Alastair's house in Portland, Oregon all the children were able to play together for a week.
On the back deck:  Ellie, Harriet, Alastair, Ishbel and Indy

Ishbel, downtown Vancouver

 Another day, another playpark:  John sorting out shoes for Harriet and Ellie 

Ellie (1.5 years) on the balcony of our hotel room at Sun Peaks, Kamloops

 Alastair and Ellie in Portland play park

Alastair and I spent some time in the early morning shooting baskets in the play park near Big Alastair's house. All those years of being chosen as Centre on the basketball court finally gave me the very smallest of rewards: I was at least able to show Alastair how to bounce the ball, dribble and shoot.  
What a funny word 'dribble'.... it is over 50 years since I every thought about, much less used, that word.  Why don't they say 'run with'?!

Alison and Indy in the Vancouver Century Plaza Hotel pool.  Indy has spent time in Grandpa Dave's pool in Florida.  As a result he is now very comfortable swimming, jumping in and larking about in the water.

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