Saturday, 18 June 2016


The closest thing I will ever get to the Annual Fall Fair must be this sort of thing ... a gathering of displays and events in the local village centre.  All great stuff!

It was a lovely day today with folk all enjoying the classic cars assembled in the precinct.  I actually started the day off by watching Tim Peake return from the space station when he and his mates landed in the steppes of Russia this morning at 10:15 am.  My neighbour and I watched it on my iPad as we perched on the fence with our coffee cups in the sunshine.

I met a friend for coffee and then had a great time wandering around these cars, chatting to folk ... the bigger the boys, the bigger the toys.  That usually is applied to yachts but it is no different when it comes to cherished cars.

They all have stories ... both the cars and the owners. Check out this spiffy genuine MG.

 Then there is this Ford Falcon.

And this lovely Morgan. This is my absolute favourite car. On my 40th birthday I organzied a 'hurl' in one.  It was during my lunch hour when I worked at the Greater Glasgow Health Board on Bath Street... 1984. 

In the 60s and 70s several friends had these Morris Traveller cars both of which were green.  They were loaded with climbing gear and spent many a weekend roaring up the Loch Lomond raod... and our friends always felt cheated if they could not pass 6 cars on every windy bend.

This wind quartet formed a wonderful focus which I enjoyed whilst talking to a few folk I have not seen for ages.

And last but not least John and Mairi had walked from the house with all four children  (9, 8, 3 and 1 years old).

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