Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Canada Goose in the garden... with the 'shadow' of a plane heading to Vancouver.

Time to smell the flowers....

The roses are just coming out now.  It is going to be an exceptional year because we had a lot of sunshine and no rain to damage them.

Every week I enjoy cut flowers from the garden.  These are on the hall table.

And these are in the kitchen next to the sink.  The green flower in foreground is angelica; I have a big, showy display which is a real eye-catcher!


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Vagabonde said...

You have a lovely garden. I so wish we had roses but our trees have grown so much that there is too much shade now and we have only one rose bush left (our of 150 bushes in the 1970s!) We don’t have a back yard we have a forest behind us – which is nice too, but I miss the flowers. My husband planted some herbs and flowers in pots but it is not the same.