Sunday, 8 May 2016


I was given 4 bottles of wine when a neighbour was clearing out her garage.  In order to get help drinking the stuff I invited 16 fellow-drinkers to come and help.

The Two Davids were up for an afternoon of wine tasting and so, in our kitchen, around the dining room table we had a session of learning about wines that do not keep and ones that do.

Martin brought the above bottle for trying.  It was a recent purchase and definitely got the thumbs up from everyone.

I buy wine for the label and here is my old friend, 'Skulls' bought in the BC Liquor Store some years ago in Vancouver.  The arty label behind is another example of this ... Majestic. Milngavie Road branch,   a few years ago.  And lastly the bottle of the right is one I have Brian and Maggie at Christmas.  This was their contribution - though they were away launching their boat and missed the tasting.  I did not care for it (!) but everyone else said it was lovely... wierd!

Flower power - kitchen
 Flower power - hall table

My mother's canteen of Community plate Lady Hamilton.  I googled this to see the brand.  Oneida?  It doesn't say on any of the items; therefore I doubt it, i.e. it is Oneida wanna-be.  (It may have been originally but I see that many of the pieces have been added to/replaced and the size and weight are both smaller and lighter.)

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