Saturday, 28 May 2016


Company's coming ... It is rhubarb season so I picked what I had in the garden - not a lot - and added a bunch of stalks from my neighbour's garden.

I used Martha Stewart's recipe (Ref: Google). This is a variation on it

The last of the pie with the first of the Scottish strawberries - so juicy and flavoursome!

To make the pie:

[1]  Buy rolled out pastry from the many excellent brands in the supermarket.
[2]  Bake it blind. Cool, if you have time. If not, it doesn't make any difference!
[3]  Make rhubarb filling: Put chopped rhubarb into saucepan with sugar. Thicken the mixture with cornflour.  Cool a bit. If not enough fruit add some other chopped fruit at this point e.g. soft fruit is good; it will not need cooking as it will mush down a bit and give the 'stew' consistency some chunkiness.
[4]  Separate 2 eggs for meringue. Using the 2 yolks, add them to the rhubarb mixture.  (Slacken a bit by adding a wee bit of cooled rhubarb mixture to yolks and then dump this back into the saucepan.) Basically it is a custard now.
[5]  Make meringue mixture (adding sugar as desired).
[6]  Pour rhubarb 'custard' mixture into the baked pie shell. Dollop meringue on top and sprinkle with sugar.
[7]  Bake til meringue is brown.  It doesn't take very long!
[8]  Leave to cool.  It solidifies in the cooling.  

Best eaten same day. Photo above is breakfast next morning but meringue is 'weeping' and pastry is getting soft.

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