Sunday, 15 May 2016


While at the school fete on Saturday Iain and I were on Granny Duty out in the front lawn where there was a very popular Bouncy Castle for the wee ones.

We volunteered to keep an eye on Harriet (3) and Ellie (15 months) while Mairi and Ishie headed off to the craft, baking and toy stalls.

After lots of 'goes' on the Bouncy Platform we suddenly realized we couldn't find Harriet.  Which point of the compass had she headed?

Quickly I asked the adjacent mums, all used to 3 year olds tearing off in unknown directions ... no one had seen her.

Then 2 lovely policemen strolled by ... I said "We have just lost a child..."  Quickly clicking into what  must be a familiar routine, they asked

"Boy or girl?" 


"Appearance?   " ... "Pony tail"   

"What is she wearing?" ... "A pink T shirt and pink flowery leggings" ... Iain 'helpfully' added "and pink Welly boots."   

At this point out pops Harriet from the Bouncy Castle ... I looked at the policeman ....     "Uh... well, sort of pink!"

Meanwhile Ellie is not be to outdone. She is amazingly agile and a real climber now.

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