Tuesday, 10 May 2016


It's that time of year again ... another birthday!  Oh! How the years go by!  I'm a 'war baby', born in 1944 (on the other side of the world from the UK) sothat makes me 72 years old! 

Time to smell the flowers.  This is my view this morning as I sat eating breakfast looking out the window into the garden. The leaves are now coming out so there is that new fresh green colour everywhere.

I had a very busy day with a trip 'downtown' as the Americans say (to see the printer about a brochure I designed).
Then I headed back home for dinner at home, later, with Iain, Mairi and Iseabail.

A fair bit of leftover wine from the party at the weekend was consumed (by me... not the others who are TT) and then crashed in my bed.

This is a photo taken yesterday.  Iain is constructing a bridge for Alastair and Ishie.  It is a model of the one being built over the Forth.  Wee Ellie (15 months) in her red playsuit has now figured out how to crawl through he fence into the adjacent park.  

We love the park; it's great for the grandchildren!

I looked up when I started this blog.  It was 2007 which makes this now starting its 9th year.

And to mark the occasion here is a wee gem of a photo I captured yesterday sitting in the garden with Mairi watching Harriet (3)  and Ellie playing with the garden hose and an old washing up basin.


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