Sunday, 24 April 2016


Yesterday I stumbled on the curb outside the Albert Hall in Stirling and fell headlong in front of some passers-by with only my glasses suffering any real damage. The (foreign speaking) folk picked me up and with a few more folk, directed me to Henderson’s Bistro inside the hall. The lovely lady manager gave me tea and sympathy.  I hope today is a better day!

Meanwhile Robert Burns continues to occupy his prominent position near the Albert Hall.   We had just been talking about him at lunchtime.  It seems much of the material in the Mitchell Library, in the Burns Collection, is still uncatalogued.  I believe this is also the case in the British Museum, i.e. there are still crates in the basement (or wherever) that have never been opened.  Things are changing though... and this is entirely due to the internet, i.e. people asking.

And nearby is Rob Roy MacGregor whose height would seem to only be around 5 feet.  I presume the statue is life-size.

And lastly, in the same area under the castle, this statue, well, actually it was the inscription, caught my eye:  


 It seems the lack of apostrophe in public signs is nothing new!


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