Friday, 8 April 2016


This very famous chapel, now much improved since visitors following the Dan Brown Da Vinci Code 'experience' have provided much needed money to sort out a very old, rather neglected building.

Ellie and I spent some time there on our way home to Glasgow from Lindisfarne.  For me, it was a return visit. It was long ago, before the Visitor's Centre was built (and very fine it is too).  The "exit through the gift shop" [Banksy's take on modern culture] has not changed; it still has an excellent selection of books.

While libraries are usual place to go to keep out of the rain, I found myself waiting with Ellie, fast asleep in her pushchair in this little 'room' off the main chapel. It had a baptismal font in it and a big kist (chest) for weary Grandma's to rest.


Using my iPhone I took this photo of the stained glass window above my head.

And then this photo of the face of the font which shows the stone carving.


Again using my iPhone I took this photo of the carved woodwork above my head.  This shot, and the 2 ones above, are not Photoshoped.  

However, when I put this wood carving photo on my computer ... what did I see but four bells!  Now that was not evident when I was looking at it in the room while sitting on the kist.  Here it is more closely.  You can see where the wood edges actually finish in the shadowy areas.

It was natural light in the little room and it was about 3 pm. Did the wood carver know that light, or should I say, shadow, would have that particular effect?   Mr Brown? Any answers for that one?!

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