Tuesday, 22 December 2015


On Sunday we had a pleasant, rather old fashioned, visit to our friend Willie who lives in the country.  I wanted greenery for the house and also I was looking for some pine cones thinking that I might make a Christmas wreath.

After a cup of coffee in his kitchen we headed off to tour his 'policies' meaning  the land that he owns.  As I stopped the car in the middle of the dirt road I pointed out that it might not be a good idea as we would be blocking it.  Iain said "For heaven's sake ... he owns it!."

When we got home we piled the boughs of cedar, pine and holly in the garage.

I didn't make a wreath as the only cones I found were hemlock. However I got some pheasant feathers which made me decide simply to make bunches of foliage for the front steps and inside the house.

Here  is one bouquet on the little window above the keyboard ... where I spend a lot of time.

 A closer view.

 Spot the difference!

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