Tuesday, 1 September 2015


We had a laugh at Alastair's expense on Sunday when they were all over for a meal in the back garden sit-ootery.

Alastair, 7 and and a half years old, is now missing his 2 front teeth.

At the back door I have 3 tomato plants given to me by my lovely neighbour, Jack.  Alastair loves raw vegetables so I showed him the tomatoes growing on the vine and that the idea was to pick and eat the ripe, red ones, not the green ones (which he had done last week and brought it in the house to show me).
There was only one problem - he couldn't bite into it 'cause he was missing his front teeth!  John and I told him that we should find a plant scientist and get him/her to produce a new variety of tomato ...one that comes with 2 front teeth to enable 7 year olds to eat them!

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