Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Ishie, 8 years old, is learning to sail at Bardowie Loch.  Optimist boats are used to teach the children the ropes.  

There are about 24 youngsters who are in 3 groups of 8. Shore drill first, then it's on the water with 'mother boats' in attendance.

 A slate grey sky with fields turning golden in the distance.

Ishie capsized on her first day and sustained a bang on her lip from the boom swinging back on her.  Having been dunked she was given a spare wet-suit to use and finds she quite likes the whole rig-out.  She also like the sailing knowing that the idea is to point the pointy end forward without banging into anyone.  (Actually, as she pointed out to me, Oppies have a square pointy bit at the front.)

Grandpa came out to see how she was getting on.  I think the fact that this loch is a short drive from our house might lead to some serious 'training sessions' some evening or at the weekend (until things finish in September).

Bardowie is owned by Clyde Cruising Club of which we are members (40 plus years) so it's a resource which, while our children learned some 30 years ago, we might find we are going to start using again with the next generation.

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