Sunday, 2 August 2015


In our house, growing up, there was always ... and I do mean ALWAYS ... a bowl of applesauce on the counter or in the fridge as it was my father's 'daily bread' so to speak. 

And so this week ... 

Nothing beats wet weather better than turning on the oven and baking a cake.  I was telling my neighbour that this Applesauce Cake that I decided to make was a real standby of my mother's; nothing reminded me more of her kitchen than the smell of cinnamon and other spices as the cake was baking.

I had a little 2 year old helper.  Harriet just loves to be busy and nothing kept as busy as playing with a cloth and a squeezy bottle of washing up liquid!                              

The sun came out for a few hours at mid-day and for most of the afternoon.

And the finished product, that is, what was left of it. Tonight it was cold; we had the fire on as it feels more like October than July!

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