Sunday, 5 July 2015


We visited Argyllshire this weekend.  Having sent off the final big section of the Sailing Directions manuscript to the publisher it was wonderful to pack up and head off for a few days.  It felt a bit like the end of exams ... phew!  Done, finished, finito!

We were invited to join friends at a BBQ out on the coast. As a concession to my... or our ... advancing years I requested that we upgrade our usual overnight arrangement (tent) so managed to book Bed and Breakfast accommodation for 2 nights. Conclusion: smart move  Note: do it again!

On the drive north we stopped for fish and chips at Cairndow, on the east side of Loch Fyne.

It was a glorious evening as we sat outside in the garden overlooking the loch. This hostelry has been one of our favourites when we headed up to Tayvallich where the boat was.  It has changed hands and I must say, it had a nice feel about the place - smart, tidy, pleasantly busy.  The one thing we missed, however, was the old shepherd and his dog who always sat in the same corner of the bar!

Here is Iain in the garden in the evening sunshine.

While I am on the subject, here is a recent photo of Iain taken by a professional photographer as the photo is needed for a publication... still looking very extinquished ... oops... distinquished!

The Bed and Breakfast decision turned out to be great success.  Heavy showers kept passing over during the Saturday BBQ and later the midges came out.  Perhaps a bit too early in the evening we said our goodbyes, and fled up the road to 'cover', that is, back to the lovely old drover's house B & B. Midges were everywhere! Arriving back, we bolted out of the car, dashed to the front door of the house (unlocked at all times), slammed the bedroom window shut and dived under the big summer duvet.  No tent walls flapping, no rain dripping through the seams, no hard ground to toss and turn on ... and no midges!

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