Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Iain is heading off for the boat this morning.  He will collecting 2 friends en route to Plockton where they are going to have a week or so sailing.

I was eating my breakfast of peanut butter on toast (actually peanut butter and banana but leave that for the moment) when I said to him "This is a joke ... OK?  A JOKE [I have to kind of spell it out when I tell jokes}: Tell Andrew [his friend] that I offered to send along some peanut butter for him to have on board but that you declined my offer." I added "I'd love you to do it just so you would have to listen to the diatribe!" ...

to which Iain responded laughing,  "Oh, I get it ... you make joke and I get the diatribe!"

In my nearly 50 years of living in the UK I can honestly say that 99% of the people I know (and remember I am talking about folk born 1930 and 1940s when there was rationing until 1950s)who do not only dislike peanut butter but positively HATE it!  I fear to mention the word, much less offer it to eat, for fear of opening the sluices starting a verbal Niagara Falls!

Ishie and I made jam yesterday.  It was good fun.  She had the job of using the scales to weigh correct amounts of fruit and sugar. (She loves working with numbers.)

She asked me to take this photo:    Snow on Strawberries

For a break we walked down to the new Waitrose supermarket and treated ourselves to hot chocolate and a cupcake in the lovely, brand new cafe.  Great fun!  Energized we returned to pour the hot jam into the jars.   (Today, I find the set is not as good as I had hoped but ... as Ishie and I say when things don't go to plan. "Och, well...nobody will ever notice."


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