Friday, 10 July 2015


'Been baking lately.  It's a wet weather antidote.

I make scones once a week and freeze them. Now that we are in the days of the microwave all it needs is a couple of seconds and it's defrosted.  

Strawberries fill the shops now. I would imagine that the adjustable polytunnels that are now used means growers have not suffered too much with all the rain this spring and summer.

'Been baking bread a lot lately. I have discovered that Tesco's Organic Strong White Flour is quite wonderful to work with.  By that I mean the dough is more smooth and elastic given that I use basically the same procedure with various flours.  Now why should that be?  Dunno. 

Baking bread is something I can do with Little People in the kitchen. Harriet and I have a secret hideout for 'chockies' which are planted in the bottom drawer where the flour is kept.

(I had a little 4 year old neighbour, Euan, in this morning for a couple of hours.  He helped me to make bread, i.e. he used his portion of dough to makes various shapes for some bread rolls ... quite imaginative: bow tie, dog bone and dandelion!)

Had a go at Baklava last week.  I made it for a BBQ.  I love this eastern filo pastry and nut sweet and have a happy memory of buying a large, sticky piece of it from a kiosk in Sydney Harbour in 1980.  It was a wet  night and we had walked down to have a look at the Sydney Opera House.    It positively gleamed in the wet night ... wonderful gazing up at it as we walked around the outside of it  munching my way through the baklava held in a white paper napkin to try and keep it dry.

Came upon this in the supermarket!  Delicious! After fish 'n chips, curry is Britain's second most popular food so this variation on this Scottish dish is hardly surprising!

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