Wednesday, 24 June 2015


It is the time of year when I get the urge to put things into jars.  I love beets and so made a chutney which is Maggie's recipe using beets and apples.  It goes really well with smoked fish and/or potatoes done any sort of way.

At lunchtime a parcel came from Auntie Mary which included a letter about how hot it is in central British Columbia.  Oh I do miss the hot summer days and the Shuswap Lake!  However I was just mentioning to a young lady who has now finished secondary school that one of my memories of June was of getting up early to prepare for yet another end-of-year school exam. All that poetry that had to be memorized, theorems to have in your head, along with historical dates, biological genus and species .... phew! 

Baby Ellie was here today.  I placed the pushchair outside the window while she napped and I got on with the ironing!

This iris has appeared in with a group of blue ones.  I really like it ... and the raindrops pretty well sum up the general weather picture these days!

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