Sunday, 28 June 2015


'Tis summer and the garden is full of bloom.  Yes, we have had a lot of rain which has helped the planting ... one just has to accept as collateral damage the bashed blooms and broken stems.

This is the sideboard today. Mairi and gang were in for lunch after they had been to the cinema.

Flower vase no. 1:  Clear glass vase is from Oxfam shop and is filled with blue glass beads plus a glass fish who lost his support and now sits on the bottom. The white roses and magenta dianthus are from Mairi last week. The purple flowers are from the garden andI have managed to identify as Woodland phlox.

Flower vase no. 2: Clear glass vase is (probably) IKEA and is filled with flowers from the garden. Purple irises dug originally from Anne's garden [Iris germanica, or maybe Iris sibirica?], pink flowers called Persicaria affinis 'Darjeeling Red' [Claire Austin website identifier] which is a low growing perennial common around here. Lastly the green flower in the middle is angelica 'Angleica archangelica'].  I have an enormous lush plant of it [see blog which is going to follow this one].

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