Tuesday, 30 June 2015


I made a trip to fetch some home brew today. I only had to drive a mile but it is a part of the surrounding area which I seldom visit... Baldernock, northeast of the city of Glasgow. These photos show the countryside one mile from where we live on the north side of the city.

The countryside is very green at the moment (including pools of water evident in low lying parts of pastures).

This is Bardowie Loch in the distance with the dinghies out for the summer sailing courses.

The weather continues to be cloudy in the west of Scotland while England and the continent are having a heat-wave. Tennis has started in Wimbledon and it is very hot on the court.

Curious lighting at 1 pm today. It was like when we had the eclipse ... a bit eerie.  But the interesting thing I notice in this photo of the garden (taken on my iPhone) ...  the colours have turned out very strong - lots of different rich, deep greens and reds.

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