Thursday, 7 May 2015


Today is polling day and the children were off school as their school is being used as a polling station.

After we voted .... which turned out to be not straightforward for us... to digress for a moment: when our polling cards did not arrive alarm bells started to ring. I phoned the Electoral Office of our local government authority and found that our names had been removed.  Now we both are very attentive when it comes to voting so it was a bit unsettling.  However to cut a long story short it was an error .... (just shows you how things happen) ... and we sorted out the problem using the email and much use of our scanner!

Anyhow ... after we voted we headed off to Loch Lomond with Alastair and wee Harriet for the afternoon.

Both Iain and I love a campfire. We found our favourite spot and spent the afternoon with Alastair helping Grandpa build and maintain the fire. A bag of marshmallows is money well spent when it comes to keeping one wee boy amused ... except I couldn't get him interested in the old Girl Guide treat of sandwiching a gooey, burnt marshmallow between 2 chocolate biscuits!

Harriet had oodles of amusement chucking stones into a bucket and larking about the place in her bare feet!

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