Sunday, 5 April 2015


It has been a love day today, Easter Sunday. The sun shone and so we got out the garden furniture from storage.

Alastair is helping Grandpa with the battery operated drill.  Harriet is 'supervising'!

The 2 photos below show the back sit-ootery this afternoon. The tulips in the black plastic pots are going to bloom soon.  I then place them around the other side of the house facing the street.  I have already done that with the daffs - a great show of colour on the north side.

The garden (facing due south).  All the bulbs are out; the leaves are swept and the herbs are just starting to show some greenery.  The washing line has the boat cushion cover draped over it... trying to get rid of the tangy smell of diesel.

Mairi's brought a bottle of wine yesterday which is getting tasted by me.  I'm not going anywhere today to it is time to put my feet up. The last of yesterday's Fairy Cakes are on the cake stand.

In the background, sitting on the step are Ishbel (8) and Harriet (1.5).

Here's another shot taken with my iPhone using the facility where you zoom in by swiping 2 fingers across the screen.  It's a bit grainy but I like it!

Harriet has discovered the woodshed which is now empty. It makes a great 'Wendy House'!

I recall my father saying, with reagard to filling up the car gas/petrol tank, "It's just as easy to keep the top half full as the bottom."

Quite so....!

Later ...  here is a photo taken by John.  I love wee Ellie's expression!  I think we have another Cheeky Monkey here!

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