Thursday, 15 January 2015


Harriet, along with the rest of us, is waiting for a new little brother or sister due any day now.  Mairi's expected date of confinement is tomorrow!

Today this little popit and I spent some time together ... doing what she like doing - 'shopping'.  (She like to trail around the house with a shopping bag full of toys.)

So off we went to get supplies as we ride out this bad weather we have been having lately. Snow yesterday and gale force winds today.  Today the snow has melted so it was time to run to the supermarket for supplies.

We all love a French baguette and nothing keeps this little person seated in the trolley better than a baquette wedged vertically into the corner of the trolley.

Who is the little Munchkin Mouse munching the end off it as we head up and down the aisles?

She loves seeing herself in the mirror!

 A close-up, taken of her image in the mirror.

It's coffee time...

Harriet likes to people-watch ... and made the shoppers smile as she says "Bye bye" to the people, often elderly, who are leaving the check-out for the exit.

When departing she wouldn't sit in the infant seat but wanted to stand in the front 'driving' the trolley.  At this point she had taken my wooly hat off and was an object of great amusement to all watching us head to the door!

Our short route to the car park goes along the Allander burn which was in full flow from all the recent rain. The wind was pretty strong so it was only a momentary stop en route to the car .. as we headed home along with what was left of the baguette!

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