Tuesday, 6 January 2015


This is about bank charges or, more accurately, it is a tale to impart information about a particular  bank charge that is hard to find out about on the internet.

As they say in Glasgow, "to let you understand" ... I went into our local Clydesdale bank, the one where we have an account, and requested to transfer some money (£50) to the account in ... not the Clydesdale bank (this is important) ... but different bank, i.e. the Bank of Scotland.  (Now I could have sent a cheque or, if I had an online account set up I could have done the payment on line but, as it happened, I agreed to do a bank transfer having been given the recipient's bank account number and sort code.)  

I thought walking into the bank and simply asking the teller to do the transaction would be simple. I got a shock when the teller told me how much it would cost ... £24.00!!!

The money transfer arrangement is called "CHAPS which is an acronym for Clearing House Automated Payment System. CHAPS is a British company established in London in 1984, which offers same-day sterling fund transfers." [Source: Wikipedia which explains it rather well.  There is nothing on the Clydesdale bank website.]

Clydesdale Bank website here

I walked out of the bank, dumbfounded!  Actually on the way out I bumped into the Security Officer coming in the door who answered my question to the teller "What does CHAPS mean?"  (She didn't know....)

The outcome:  I walked to the other end of the village to the Bank of Scotland and simply did the transaction over the counter with the teller there.


Gargoyle is my photo taken of St Mahew R.C. Church, Main Road, Cardross, G82 5NY.
Piggy photo is Harriet's piggy.

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