Wednesday, 31 December 2014


What time is it today?

Time to close down
(Like Churchill) time to re-group

Folk have been fed and watered


Cards are written and posted … well half of them ...


Time to leave things that cannot be finished and make time for that which can.

* * * 

Time to starting counting up as well as counting down
There have been gains; there have been loses.
But today it is
Time for steak pie dinner at Anne’s
Time for a dram ..
(Equality in our house: I drink, Iain drives home)
In time for
Neighbours coming at nine o’clock

Time for a dram …
Time for the Bell’s … oops… the bells!

Hold on …
What day is this?!!!
Did I forget?
It’s Ishies 8th birthday!

But hold on some more ….
What are we all waiting for?
It’s (nearly) time for the new baby!

Oh my goodness?
Where has the year gone?

Time to get up out of my chair!
Time to muster the energy!


Skiers' photograph was taken by John Hemisegger, Marianne's father and is her card this year.

The black and white picture in Keep Calm photo is Jim Messer, Iain and I with Eric Henry hidden behind the perspex weight.  It was taken in 1969 in the Mealey Mountains (Labrador) when we flew in there (in 'JAT'  Beaver) to do some exploration and naming of a peak.

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