Saturday, 27 December 2014


I was  in the city centre today to buy Iain a radio. He is recovering from having cracked his ribs so is spending a lot of time resting.

The sun shone all day making long shadows along Buchanan Street absolutely packed with shoppers!

Geein' it laldy (laldie?) were these lads all kitted out in their 'Highland' gear.  They joined a few other street musicians playing their guitars, drums or whatever along the precinct.

This character usually stands on a plinth as a stationary statue and shocks the likes of me by a sudden movement when you pass by... to a gathering crowd's great delight!   (I was caught out by him once so I always feel he sees me coming!  I was glad to skirt around him this time!) He looked like he was getting ready to be the Duke of Wellington statue, complete with traffic cone on his head.  I guess that is his horse he about to mount.

Just around the corner from Buchanan Street is the site of the terrible traffic accident last week.  There were fresh flowers piling up.  Earlier bouquets get removed and carried to a location a block away namely the Museum of Modern Art where the runaway vehicle first started to go out of control killing 6 people.

This bouquet is from "All the girls in the Flower Shop Helensburgh".


Ilias Tsagas said...

I terribly miss Glasgow and am so happy I have discovered your blog.
This post for example: it makes me feel I'm there and also brings so many memories up.
I do recognise even the street musicians.
Please, keep posting!


BJM said...

The truth of the matter is that I had trouble with my camera recently. I was encouraged by the nice man in the camera shop on Argyle Street (who pressed some buttons and reset everything) to just go out and take photos and see how you get on. So that's what I was doing!