Thursday, 4 December 2014


Anne B came for coffee this morning.  She is keeping well and looks forward to having her living room redecorated.  She still lives in the same house since she was married in the late 50s. The carpet of that period is of such good quality that it does not need replacing!

I made some shortbread cookies using my mother's recipe which is seen her in Auntie Mary's handwriting as I appear not to have ever made a note of how my mum made them. The cutters are Mairi's. 

What I clearly recall is that my mother's shortbread was always a dark tan colour which, I realize now, is because she used brown sugar.  They were always cut into star shapes and had a halved  glacé  cherry in the middle.  My lot would never eat the cherry so I give that part a miss!

The pointsettias are from Mairi as well.  They fairly give a Christmas feel to the kitchen!

The children like opening an Advent Calendar so I bought this one to sit on the side-board.

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