Wednesday, 10 September 2014


After school yesterday we found lots of 'projects' outside in the garden.

Ishie cut some sweet peas for the house.  As luck would have it the sweet peas inadvertently got planted in a rather random manner and instead of turning out to be peas in pods they were the most marvellous jungle of sweet peas.  I left them ... and will do exactly the same next year.  They don't need staked against a wall; put them out in the sun and they grow up the other plants nearby. 


Here is her bouquet... perfection!

Little Miss Mini Munchkin ... as Harriet gets called ... was with me for a short hour in the morning while Mairi went for her monthly ante-natal visit.  This sweater was knitted for Ishbel which was given to Mairi coming up for 8 years ago!

Iain built a den for the kids just over our fence in the park at the back of the house. The big lime tree made a perfect canopy ... and kept them occupied for ages.

Another happy outcome in the garden.  I planted a rather large bulb last autumn thinking it was an amaryllis which I had been given earlier in the year.  Good heavens!  This agapanthus emerged under  the neighbouring lime green angelica plant.

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