Tuesday, 16 September 2014


It is now 2 days before we go to cast our vote Yes or No to the question:  "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

There is a lot in the press and television about the topic ... and I gather, from communication I get from friends abroad, it is the same.

The polls show that the mood of people who are preparing to vote is pretty well split down the middle, i.e. 50-50.   The Queen made a statement yesterday "Think carefully."

Our polling cards on the desk in the hall.
What are Himself and I voting?      "No"

Whatever the outcome it will (a) be a close one and (b) we will just have to go with it.

The media has been full of really funny stuff relating to the referendum.  Last week  3 politicians flew north to Scotland to whip up the No vote,. There was a really funny cartoon in the (Edinburgh) Scotsman newspaper.  It showed a Scottish cartoon character holding out his hand and in it were the 3 politicians from London (representing the 3 main UK political parties).  The cartoon heading read "Wee sleekit cowerin', tim'rous beasties .... Oh what a panic's in thy breastie!"    Clever!

 This' ballot paper'  as been doing the rounds. I had a go at cobbling this together using Photoshop.

Meanwhile, it's time to prepare for visitors who are making a special trip from France to be here for the day of voting.

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