Monday, 8 September 2014


Well, yer aye learnin' as they say ...

I have been scratching my head trying to figure out why, suddenly, the number of hits to this blog increased not double, not treble but quadruple about 2 weeks ago!

I can tell through which channel it comes (called 'traffic sources' and are sources like Google in various countries or Yahoo) but, of course, not exactly who is who, i.e. given individuals.

I finally decided to look on the web to see if there is some sort of new technology starting up, or some country lifting restrictions etc.

I could only find information about how to increase traffic to one's site ... which does not interest me. However what it did say was that if you have photos to put on your blog you should consider putting them on Flickr and that will increase the number of hits.

Maybe that's it?  (But I really don't see the connection.)

Two weeks ago I set up a Flickr account so I could obtain permission for use of photographs for a sailing publication from Flickr sources.  I needed a Flickr account and so posted a handful of my photos on the site (and the move has had the desired outcome). 

I assume that must account for the increased traffic!  Or maybe there is absolutely no connection....?

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Photo is of the CalMac ferry heading into Portree Harbour (with Photoshop nonsense added.)

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