Sunday, 28 September 2014


Instead of ending up near Gleneagles as planned I joined a friend (whose house backs on to the golf course) for a visit today to the village of Doune. As an escape from the constraints of having such a big and highly successful venue on one's doorstep we ended up at an antique fair well away from the Big Event going on down the road.


I treated myself to a cake plate* as (a) I do not have one and (b) the children and I are doing some serious baking these days.  They are bigger now and are very good at doing such things as: cracking eggs on the side of a bowl, measuring ingredients on the baking scales etc.  So this Aynsley china plate is propped up on the sideboard waiting for the next Mary Berry Great British Wannabe Bakers to don their aprons and get out the Betty Crocker icing tubs!

On the sideboard are some bits and pieces that simply get plonked there by the last person who dried the dishes.  This is some silverware lying in a plate with iris seeds from the garden.
* I cannot identify the pattern ... odd....!

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